Monday, July 24, 2017
Norwalk Christian Academy will be closing after the 2016-2017 school year.
Superintendent's Message
Welcome to Norwalk Christian Academy's website. You may be looking for the websites of Brethren Elementary School of Norwalk (BES) or Nazarene Christian School of Norwalk (NCS), if so you are in the right place. Let me give you a little history.

As many of you may be aware, the economy the last few years has had an adverse effect on many Christian schools in California and across the nation. Because of rising cost and declining enrollment, many Christian schools have been faced with the reality they no longer can operate and still charge an affordable tuition. Both Brethren Elementary and Nazarene Christian School of Norwalk were faced with this fact during the 07 / 08 school year.

After many long months of prayer, both schools came to the painful realization; they would need to cease operation at the end of 07 / 08 school year. One of the things that made this so hard, was both NCS & BES had been faithfully providing families of Norwalk and the surrounding areas with a solid Christian alternative to public schools for over 50 years.

Hearing this and knowing how important a quality Christian school alternative is to the community, something had to be done. The board of directors of Family First Resource Ministries (FFRM) contacted the sponsoring churches of both schools about leasing the properties for the purpose of starting a new Christian school. Both churches agreed to lease facilities to FFRM for the purpose of continuing the tradition of providing high quality Christian education alternative to the community.

Once the leases were approved, FFRM decided to operate the two campuses under the name of Norwalk Christian Academy. This was important to show a connection with the community. Along with the name it was decided the Brethren campus would serve exclusively as elementary for grades k-5th and the Nazarene campus would be for junior high. It was felt that having separate campuses for the elementary and junior high was important towards the social development of the junior high students.

Knowing that it is important to remember the rich history of everything that took place on these campuses for 50 plus years, and the lives that were touched and changed Norwalk Christian Academy decided to host a separate alumni directory for both of these proud schools. It is a small way of providing an avenue for alumni and staff to stay connected.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you are an old Brethren or Nazarene student, I invite you to go to the alumni section and register your name and memories you may have. I know others would really love to hear from you.

I also invite you to visit the About Us section of our website to learn more about Norwalk Christian Academy and how we will continue to carry the torch of Christian education for the next 50 years.


Don Pettinger
Family First Resource Ministries
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