Monday, July 24, 2017
Norwalk Christian Academy will be closing after the 2016-2017 school year.
The Norwalk Christian Academy Development Fund
The NCA Development Fund is being started to help continue to keep tuition affordable for as many families as possible. This fund will be used to offsets the over $ 100,000 annual cost to educate our students that is not covered by tuition. The gap between tuition and actual cost per student is $675. That amounts to a deficit of $4.050 over the six years your child could attend NCA. Tax-deductible donations to the Development Fund provide additional income, which will allow Norwalk Christian Academy's tradition of Excellence in Education to continue at an affordable tuition price.

While a pledge to the Development Fund is not mandatory, we do ask you to make your very best gift. For some, that might be $5,000 or more. For others it is less. We respect the different circumstances of each family. We ask for equal charity, not equal giving. If you gave a gift of $2,000 payable over three years (36 months) such a gift, would be less than $56 per month. All contributions to the Development Fund are tax-deductible. While tuition is not tax-deductible, your pledge to the Development Fund helps BES as it helps your family.

You may pledge monthly, quarterly, or annually by check or credit card. Pledges are paid over three years. You will receive reminder statements based on the payment schedule you select. You may also pledge through your payroll deduction program at work; however, some, like the United Way, may charge you an administration fee. Many employers will also match your donation dollar for dollar when you give to the Norwalk Christian Academy Development Fund through the "Double Your Dollars" program. Contact your personnel office for further details. In-kind gifts are also greatly appreciated and can be applied to your Development Fund pledge. Please contact Mr. Pettinger for more information. Giving Levels and Gift Recognition

Upon the completion of your Development Fund pledge, you will be recognized in one of the following categories: Founder's Club

Gifts of $5,000 or more
  • Gift commemorated in bronze on the Founder's Board in the lobby of the school office.
  • Special Invitation to the Principal's Dinner
  • Personalized Gift of Appreciation
NCA Stewards

Gifts starting from $3,000
  • Gift commemorated in bronze on the Benefactor's Board in the lobby of the school office.
  • Special invitation to the Principal's Dinner
  • Personalized Gift of Appreciation
NCA Patrons

Gifts starting from $1,950
  • Special invitation to the Principal's Dinner
  • Personalized Gift of Appreciation
NCA Sponsors

All gifts up to $1,950

Each year, the Principal and Chairmen of the Board hosts the Principal's Dinner in February. This very special event recognizes the generosity of this select group of Patrons, Stewards, and Founder's Club members who have completed their pledges.

If you have any questions regarding the Brethren Development Fund or charitable donations to Brethren Elementary School, please contact Mr. Pettinger at (562) --- ----, .

The Norwalk Christian Academy Vision Fund

The time a student spends at Norwalk Christian Academy during their academic career creates the foundation their lives are built on. A student's seven years at Norwalk Christian Academy is an extraordinary time in their growth and development, marked by academic, personal, social, and spiritual challenges and achievements. These statements only hold true if the school continues to operate with a focused, strategic vision.

The Vision for Norwalk Christian Academy is stronger than ever. NCA is redefining how the school does business, and investigating new and exciting partnerships with business and the local community. We are building even greater value in the relationships our supporters have with us.

Change without vision is just change. In the last twelve months, Norwalk Christian Academy has witnessed a remarkable number of changes - all with an eye toward the future. Any one of these changes would, in itself, be considered significant. From going accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges "WASC", to the implementation of a comprehensive website to improve communication with all of our current students and alumni. Norwalk Christian Academy is constantly striving to provide a superior educational environment for our students. An environment that will not only challenge them academically, but also socially and spiritually.

The preparation and executing on the future for NCA demands countless resources that can't be found in the daily operational budget. The new leadership of the school is already reaching out to experts to advise us on the difficult decisions already faced and those that are still ahead. This forward looking growth and development of Brethren Elementary takes financial resources, as well. That is why giving to the Vision Fund is so crucial... Providing for the future of Brethren Elementary School, and future generations of alumnus, is just that important.

Memorials and Tributes

The school's mission is to provide a biblically based education while be committed to partnering with families in developing responsible young leaders who excel academically, spiritually, and socially.

You can help NCA to continue this mission with a meaningful donation, one that is meaningful to you and to Norwalk Christian Academy. By remembering your loved ones in your giving plans, you can honor them while supporting the goals of Norwalk Christian Academy. Memorials to those who are no longer with us are excellent ways to keep alive the memory of these special people. Contributions can be made in any amount and all donors will be remembered.

A memorial does not have to be only for someone who is deceased. It can also be a tribute to someone who is dear to us or has influenced us in some particular way. Birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, recognition of a success, or even "just because" can also be recognized by a memorial gift.


A "bequest" is simply a term used to describe a gift in your will or family trust specifying that a certain percentage of your estate, a particular asset, or a specific dollar amount is to be directed to a named beneficiary. When you make a bequest to charity, your estate is entitled to a charitable gift deduction for the value of the bequest.

A bequest can be for an unrestricted or designated gift in the form of cash, property or securities. It can also take the form of a "residual legacy" whereby a charity receives all or a portion of whatever remains of your estate after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been dispensed.

The advantages of a bequest include:
  • You have the use of your assets during your lifetime.
  • There are many options to ensure your bequest is personally meaningful.
  • Your estate receives a charitable gift deduction.
  • A bequest is a revocable gift and can be altered at any time should your circumstances change.
Charitable Trusts

A Charitable Trust is a trust set up for the benefit of a charity that complies with the regulations of the Charity Commissioners to enable it to be exempt from paying income tax. Gifts made to charitable trusts may provide you or your family with multiple advantages and at the same time give Brethren Elementary a meaningful legacy. Whether the trust is a Charitable Lead Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust, you may receive income tax benefits, estate tax advantages, capital gains relief, and income streams to suit your planning goals.

A Charitable Lead Trust is an arrangement in which property income or investment income is given to a charity while the grantor is living, but the principal passes to other designated parties upon the grantor's death.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is an arrangement in which property or money is donated to a charity, but the donor (called the grantor) continues to use the property and/or receive income from it while living. The beneficiaries receive the income and the charity receives the principal after a specified period of time. The grantor avoids any capital gains tax on the donated assets, and also gets an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the remainder interest that the trust earned. In addition, the asset is removed from the estate, reducing subsequent estate taxes. While the contribution is irrevocable, the grantor may have some control over the way the assets are invested, and may even switch from one charity to another (as long as it's still a qualified charitable organization). Charitable Remainder Trusts come in three types: Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (which pays a fixed dollar amount annually), a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (which pays a fixed percentage of the trust's value annually), and a Charitable Pooled Income Fund (which is set up by the charity, enabling many donors to contribute).

Life Insurance

Another way that you can help us to ensure the continuation of NCA mission is to make Norwalk Christian Academy your beneficiary on a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies are an easy and convenient way to leave a gift that supports Norwalk Christian Academy. It's relatively simple to make a change to the beneficiary/or beneficiaries of your life insurance policy without changing the other assets in your estate. After your lifetime, the benefits from your policy pass to us free of federal estate tax. Your insurance company can provide you with a form that will allow you to make Norwalk Christian Academy a beneficiary of your insurance policy. Paid-up Policies

Your paid-up life insurance policy can be put to use as an excellent gift as well. If the policy has a cash value, we would have the option of either holding the policy until the maturity date or surrendering the policy in order to receive the policy's current cash value. You are entitled to a current income tax deduction for this irrevocable gift. Before making any decisions, Norwalk Christian Academy recommends that you consult your legal and financial advisors. If you do not have a financial advisor at the moment, NCA can help introduce you to one who is also an alumnus of the school. Please contact the development office for further information. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Memorial Scholarship Fund is being established to assist students and their families with financial aid towards tuition. Different from the Norwalk Christian Academy Development Fund, this scholarship fund will give deserving students the financial opportunity to continue their education at Norwalk Christian Academy. All students, regardless of race, or ethnic background, are welcome to apply for this scholarship fund.
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